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Applying for retention of original Registration Number
Applying for an Age - Related Registration Number (Dec 2014)
Applying for an Age - Related Registration Number 1960 - onward vehicles


Much of the work of the Machine Registrar and Archivist is concerned with regaining original UK registration numbers or obtaining age – related numbers when a bike has been rebuilt. The AOMCC has been able to offer these services since the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea set up the schemes but inevitably, from time to time the requirements change.

The schemes are run by the DVLA in close co-operation with the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), to which the AOMCC is affiliated.

Recently, the DVLA have requested and the FBHVC have agreed that it should be normal practice for the vehicle in question to be inspected by the club before approval is given to DVLA to proceed with the issue of a number. The recent change in Machine Registrar and Archivist from Ralph Hawkins to Paul Jameson gives us the incentive to bring the inspection procedure into operation.

There are good reasons for the need to inspect vehicles. It is not unknown for bikes to be bought from number plate dealers and for it to be found that different frame numbers have been stamped all over the frame tubes. I have seen pictures of bikes with 20 or 30 different numbers stamped on the top frame tube under the petrol tank. I am also aware of instances where replica cars have been manufactured in South America and then passed off as genuine 1930's machines worth many tens of thousands of pounds. It is easy to understand why DVLA have become concerned at this and have tightened the procedures. Quite simply, if the AOMCC want to continue to operate the registration number services we need to carry out the inspections.

The good news is that this does not mean that the new Archivist has to inspect every bike needing a registration number. I have suggested, and the Committee have agreed, that the best way to tackle the inspections is for them to be carried out wherever possible through our existing network of Branches. Not only will this give those members seeking a number access to the wide expertise in Ariels which exists in each branch but it will also encourage more active participation in Branch activities and widen Branch membership.

 So, when you reach the stage that you need to regain an original registration number or to obtain an age related number, the first thing to do is to contact me. My contact details are inside the front  cover of Cheval de Fer. Having found out where you are based, I will contact the local Branch Secretary or other Club Officer and put them in contact with you. I will also provide them with an inspection form which is to be returned to me. I can then approve the application and send it through to DVLA for you.


I will be as flexible as I possibly can be in terms of timing the inspection but the basic requirement is that the bike must be complete, or almost so.  A machine which only needs the wiring done before it is complete will be fine.  (as on the right)



One where the frame is on the bench but the engine and gearbox are in assorted boxes around the garage will not. (as on the left)

The earlier you contact me the better, so that I can explain what you need to do and the timescales involved.

Where we do not have a local branch or a club officer nearby I will find another means of inspection. This may involve a phone call to a nearby member who I know or at worst a request that you bring the bike (in van or on trailer) to a club rally for it to be inspected there.  Obviously, the AGM or Annual Rally is an ideal opportunity and I will inspect bikes there, although I will need prior notification.

 There is of course a fee involved for all this which is £20. For non- UK members the fee is £10, since no inspection is needed for these.

The service is open to anyone, including non-members of the Club – with just one exception. The Archivist has to use the services of another organisation for his own machines!

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